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It's so good to be bad sometimes

Draco Malfoy
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Name is Malfoy...Draco Malfoy-
For those who don't know who I am...well you must not be very important. Everyone knows me...and my family. The Malfoy's are a very high class in the wizarding world. But if you don't know me..I am in the Slytherin house (Best house around) I am also their seeker. I am in love with Oliver Wood. *sigh* And secretly...I am not who I appear to be. There are things about me I keep hidden. I despise Harry Potter and his followers. Stupid Potter!!! Okay I am done...if you want to know...well you know where to find me.

((OOC: Hi all my real name is Desi...I LOVE RPing Draco in TFO...if you like the stuff you see in this journal or in the RP you can go to my real LJ. I have poems and other stories I have written there...the user name is lady_destiny))

Icons by starstruck786 and lucki_neon